Veze Shari increases investment in the Macedonian market


Tetovo company Veze Sharri member of Macedonian Chambers of Commerce, already well known to the public, finished first phase of investment to complete sowing of agricultural land in the village Nightingale, Prilep, which was given under concession with an area of ​​560 hectares.

Current capacity of the plant from 100,000 eggs a day, five tonnes of meat products under the brand “Leker” one megawatt power generation from the company-daughter “Electro Shari ‘, the future will be increased through the construction of this agricultural complex investment a total of 3 million which will provide 70 new jobs.

The main objective of this investment is for the companies “Veze Sharri”, “Leker” and “Electro Shari” primarily to provide raw materials for production and expansion of existing facilities, according to the management of the company Veze Shari. The project envisages construction of Oven with silos for wheat and corn, purchase center for farmers in the region, farm for cows and calves, and construction of slaughterhouse by the appropriate Halal standards, which will increase production capacity of the company for meat products ” Leker “.

Wheat and corn planted this agricultural land will be used for feeding the 120,000 chickens on Veze Sharri, while the straw that remains will be used to produce electricity for “Electro Shari ‘, reducing this way the import of animal feed.

So far, the three companies employs a total of 118 employees, while the new investment will include additional 70 new faces.
“This investment is not very happy because it is aimed at improving the performance of the company. So far we were dependent on imports of these raw materials, “the Veze Shari.

13 july 2016