The development of the postal industry in the country is stalling

Lost postal items, exceeding the delivery deadline, outdated delivery trends will be current this year, as the necessary steps for liberalization of the postal service market in the country are not being implemented. Free market and fair competition should be based on our economy. The Macedonian Chambers of Commerce has consistently appealed that the monopoly in the postal services has a detrimental effect on the quality of the services provided, it is necessary to open the market to competition, given that the long-awaited liberalization of the postal market has been delayed for the fifth year. has a negative impact on the development of the postal industry in the country, but also on companies and citizens suffering damage due to poor services.

“Delaying liberalization of the postal market means continuity in reducing the quality of the postal services and slowing the implementation of new and up-to-date trends for speed and security of delivery. Private postal operators, members of the Alliance, believe that free competition in the postal industry will bring benefits in terms of improved delivery efficiency, participation of more companies in the free market to provide better and better quality services to end users as well as implementation of new trends and advanced software solutions for tracking shipments and increasing reliability and speed of delivery. The working conditions should be market oriented, in conditions of fair competition the companies that will offer better quality services and better price can be represented in the market. End-users are currently not satisfied with the quality of services they receive, as is the large number of complaints reported in the Post Agency’s reports, ”said Alexander Zarkov, Executive Director of the Macedonian Chambers of Commerce.
By delaying liberalization, AD Post will continue to retain the exclusivity in the price of reserved postal services that include receiving, transferring and delivering correspondence shipments (letters and postcards) and direct mail shipments of up to 50 grams.

“Currently, private postal operators also have the right to carry out the reserved postal service, but at a price at least two and a half times higher than the price at which the universal service provider holds the individual license. In conditions of free competition the price will be determined according to market conditions without preferences of certain operators, “Zarkov explained.

The Postal Agency, too, says that the anticipated date for liberalization should not be changed and that the cancellation of reserved services would mean increased market competition.
The European Commission does not tolerate the existence of monopolies in any activity. According to the remarks of the European Commission in the field of postal industry, it is necessary to complete liberalization of the postal market in the country and to continue strengthening the administrative capacity of the regulatory body. More precisely abolishing the AD Post monopoly, the European Commission has repeatedly requested in the state’s progress reports.
In the postal market in the country besides AD Post of Macedonia, there are currently 40 licensed postal service providers with general authorization to provide postal services.
Macedonian Chambers of Commerce, in the direction of achieving national structural economic reforms, cooperates with all parties involved in overcoming the challenges that impede the liberalization of the postal market, but the key is in the realization of the reforms by the institutions.