Workshop on Public Procurement in EBRD Projects

Macedonian chambers of commerce, Civila Aviation Agency and European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (“EBRD”) were hosting a Workshop on EBRD Procurement Policies and Rules in Public Sector Projects financed by EBRD.

The objective of this Workshop was to better equip the participants to: (i) apply the advantages of sound Procurement and the Bank’s Procurement Policies; (ii) promote and grasp why the policies are important for the Bank clients, contractors, suppliers and consultants; and (iii) to identify main procurement issues during project implementation in real life.

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development places special emphasis on capacity building in its countries of operations. Public procurement occupies a central place within the Banks’ core objectives of fostering efficient use of public funds, contributing to institutional strengthening, corporate governance and internal capacity building.

Sound institutional capacity in procurement for the Bank’s clients combined with motivated and well-informed contractors, suppliers and consultants is imperative for successful project implementation and attaining the Bank’s objectives and their sustainability. The Bank is interested in strengthening and building the capacity of its Clients to administer procurement effectively and transparently in EBRD financed projects.

This Workshop was targeted for CAA professional staff, MCC members and EBRD Client’s procurement staff, and will concentrate on the Bank’s Public Procurement Policies and Rules (PP&R) in EBRD financed projects in the public sector. Further, this Workshop aims to establish a professional dialogue regarding best procurement practices in order to secure quality competition on projects in the Public Sector.

This was an opportunity for procurement professionals and practitioners to interact in a Workshop environment both with EBRD procurement staff, as well as, local procurement professionals interested in the practice and experience of International Financial Institutions, such as the EBRD, regarding PP&R and/or best practices in procurement.