Memorandum MCC – CAA: Implement modern trends for higher productivity of companies

Executive director of Macedonian Chambers of Commerce (MCC), Mr. Aleksandar Zarkov signed a memorandum of cooperation with the Director of Civil Aviation Agency of the Republic of Macedonia (CAA), Mr. Goran Jandreoski. The purpose of the memorandum is to strengthen the business cooperation of several topical fields for companies to be timely informed about educational, project activities and regular consultation when making regulations under the CAA, for greater productivity of companies.

“The memorandum is actually formalization of our cooperation and intensify it. MCC with CAA regulations pursuant to detect the latest trends that should increase the productivity of companies and thereby maintain social responsibility. This includes enabling use aircraft for commercial transport, the introduction of new destinations which contributes to easier communication with potential partners and investors from abroad, using cargo transportation and the use of aircraft for specialized services and unmanned aircraft popularly called drones in various sectors and areas of the industry, particularly in agriculture, where international experiences show that this method is far more productive and more economical than the conventional method chi more expensive and which takes more time. Starting from this example of the agribusiness sector will work together to detect trends in other sectors such as industry, tourism and in accordance with regulations to follow and promote trends that generate higher productivity for companies, “said Zarkov.

CAA Director, Jandreoski after signing the memorandum stressed that the two institutions will mutually work on exchange of experience, expertise, education and training of cadres in various areas of common interest.

“The main regulatory functions of the Civil Aviation concerning the provision of security operations of the aviation industry entities as well as safe overall aviation in the country. The cooperation with the Chamber of Commerce is very important and represents more impetus to the development of the overall social processes, which require, joint activity with companies for better results. Together we will work on education, joint participation in international events, training, conferences, projects that will contribute to the realization of the goals and strengthening mutual cooperation, “Jandreoski.

First significant activity that will be conducted this week’s two-day workshop with iskusen lecturer from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) in England aimed at policies and procurement rules EBRD projects. The aim is to establish a professional dialogue on best practices in public procurement, to provide quality competition of projects in the public sector. This is a unique opportunity for participants firsthand to learn about the advantages of procurement policies and the EBRD Procurement, and to identify the main issues of public procurement in the implementation of projects.


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