First mobile application for insurance on the Macedonian market

Eurolink Insurance has launched the first mobile application for insurance, with which its customers to quickly and easily purchase and payment policies, reporting any damage, information on services and offers and when on the move. Thus, the company, through its mobile application “Eurolink Osiguruvanje”, facilitates interaction with their customers and promote the availability of their products and services. The application is available free for all users of Android or iOS operating systems. The application is the first of its kind in the Macedonian market, and with it users can use many services from the comfort of their home or on the go, wherever you are in the moment.

“The future and development will belong to those who will provide easily accessible products adapted to the fast paced lifestyle. With this service, we confirm that we are directed towards continuous innovation in order to meet all the needs to ensure our clients also saving their time. The mobile application, with great simplicity, offers a complete service to our customers, which will improve their user experience, “said Maria Tomeska, Chairman of the Board of Eurolink Insurance.

Through the application simply and quickly to buy insurance policies for travel insurance and home insurance Domi complete with a 10% discount, users can report damage. Also, customers can get a complete insight into their policies, the status of reported claims and easy and safe to make payment of invoices and due installments, and get information about the services, promotions and activities of the company. Otherwise the mobile application “Eurolink Osiguruvanje” is already available for download from Google Play and the App Store without any compensation.

Users of Android operating system can take the application from this link

IOS users can take application from this link