Robert Hoth with a new term in the Construction Chamber of Macedonia

Companies members of the Construction Chamber of Macedonia within Macedonian Chambers of Commerce (MCC), which represents over 450 renowned companies at the annual Assembly unanimously gave him a new term Robert Hoth. Construction Chamber was particularly active and current in the past, and the construction sector as a result of capital projects and government measures to spur construction of an engine that will be a pillar of economic growth in the coming years.

“Construction remains one of the engines of economic growth. New projects for the construction of sections of fast roads with plan to continue to build local roads forward to contributing to further growth. Capital projects are multi-year and provided them financial structure, which gives security. An additional contribution to increasing the capacity of the construction sector, have project “Buy a House, Buy a Flat” and “Buy a house for young people”. We will continue working to preserve the economic stability of construction companies continue lobbying the relevant institutions and active participation in making changes to the regulations. I believe that in the next period we will build success together, “said Hoth.

Construction Chamber of Macedonia has already given proposals to implement training measures for training the workers in construction, introducing control of construction companies in tendering, reducing the percentage provided for in the construction of housing for people with special needs, including a proposal for establishing Agency control of the origin and quality of materials and construction.

Last year, the Council of Presidents of chambers of commerce as a result of the activities, efforts and initiatives of the Construction Chamber in certain legislative changes that contributed to the stability of the construction sector and positively odrzija in other economic branches declared the construction Chamber of Commerce for 2015.


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