Students chose and Stubrend (STUBRAND) Macedonia awarded her the Golden Art STUBRAND certification in 2016 by becoming the first and only construction company in the country that has received this prestigious award for the company with the highest social responsibility!

The survey conducted STUBRAND Macedonia have measured the perception of the image of a total of 405 brands in 19 different categories in the student population. According to the results, the Philadelphia Art has a much higher positive perception of competition, enough to meet the criteria for entry in the category “Companies with high social responsibility”, which won the right to acquire the prestigious certificate STUBRAND 2016.

What is the methodology of the research? Used Likert scale, where students are required to click on an option: Love, Like, Neutral, Dislike, Hate and Do not Know, as soon as possible to express the emotional impulse-response related to the specific brand, identified by his name.

This prestigious recognition can acquire only the brands which enjoy a positive image (the sum of the percentages of Love and Like responses) of over 50%, among which are found and Golden art.

The certificate was officially awarded during the ceremony which STUBRAND Macedonia organized on December 14 in the hotel Alexander Palace.

For Golden Art seems prizes do not stop coming. STUBRAND 2016 is an extension of the award “Macedonian quality 2016 ‘, which the President of Macedonia and Chambers of Commerce just ten days has awarded the Golden art as the only construction company that twice in a row gets the same.

Golden art 1 Golden art 2