Gabriela Kulebanova, Member of the Board of Directors of the Macedonian Chambers of Commerce (SSC), spoke on the session: Organized approach to strengthening women’s entrepreneurship “at today’s promotional conference on the project” We make: Women Entrepreneurship for Competitiveness “.

She said that the role of women in developing private business and its strengthening is very high, support measures are a great opportunity for further stimulating and developing businesses, but what is needed is to create a favorable business environment from the state where women can are realized and focus on business development.

“The experience is that women can lead them to a certain position and gradually realize the ambitions of doing business. It is necessary to create a synergy between the state, the education system, establishing a practice and working for young people of several hours, a good organization of kindergartens and all the stakeholders who need to make a positive environment for women to be realized on a business plan, “said Kulebanova.

The European Union funded project organizers said that it was a slightly different project than others because it is not focused on helping women, but to help Macedonia through women, to be more competitive, as it has been lacking so far.

The Director of the GTF Initiative for Sustainable Growth pointed out that women are often

During the project realization, we will be established and available for access and use WE MAKE web portal, which provides functional virtual incubator, export hub and on-line trainings, as well as regular information for all interested, existing and potential entrepreneurs, for all novelties and open opportunities.