The Catalog of Business Support and Services in the Republic of Macedonia, developed by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SVC), implemented by Swiscontact, which contains useful information on the available financial support services and Support for business development from this year will be prepared by the Macedonian Chambers of Commerce (MCC) for the needs of the companies members.

23 support measures from government departments, commercial financial instruments from 17 financial institutions and support measures offered by 14 civil and private sector organizations are presented in the second edition available for all interested businesses.

“The Union continuously provides support for access to finance and other mechanisms in function of growth and development of member companies in order to increase their competitiveness and realize investment projects. In particular, through the Catalog of Business Support and Services in the Republic of Macedonia, we provide companies with summed and processed data for all available programs for business support and financing in the Republic of Macedonia. In addition, in the past period, two calls were made by the MCC, where several companies applied for using the programs from the first version of the catalog, where expert assistance was provided in cooperation with the IME program in the application process for a particular program, and we have more successful stories behind us. SSK continues independently in the future to update the information in the catalog and timely inform the companies, “says Aleksandar Zarkov, executive director of the Macedonian Chambers of Commerce.

The Swiss Program for Increasing Market Employability prepared the first edition of the Catalog in June 2016, as well as the second updated version in March 2018.

“Access to information about available support is crucial for starting a business, as well as supporting existing companies. Through the preparation of this catalog, all interested parties have the opportunity to easily access information on business development through a tool that contains details of the type of available measures and financial services for which they are intended, the manner of their application, the necessary documents and contact information ” , said Stefan Tomazhan, deputy head of the Swiss Embassy in Macedonia.

Zaklina Gestakovska Aleksovska, an expert on gender issues in the NME program, considers that the future updating of the Catalog of the Chambers of Commerce is of utmost importance.

“New financial instruments and services for business development are constantly being introduced on the market. It is of paramount importance for every business to have the opportunity to receive timely and relevant information, and the undertaking of the obligation to annual update the catalog through the Chambers of Commerce will ensure that companies have insight into all support measures and can make informed a decision which measure is most appropriate for their company “, said Gestakovska-Aleksovska.