New trends in speed and reliability of postal services

Implementation of global trends in postal services, digitization, development of new products and services, as well as timely and reliable delivery of shipments are only part of the tools for increasing the competitiveness of companies operating in the postal services sector.

According to the latest statistics published by the Postal Agency of postal activities in the country for 2016, most complaints from the citizens were received precisely for the untimely delivery of shipments. Of all submitted complaints, more than half or 52.6% complained of exceeding the deadline for delivery. Moreover, the most complaints in 2016 were for the delivery time by “Macedonian Post”. The biggest problem was the citizens had with the delivery of recommended letters, a service that is significantly more expensive than sending an ordinary letter. According to the Postal Agency’s report, out of the total number of complaints, as many as 90 per cent were referring to recommended letters. That is, 4,475 complaints were for the delivery through “Makedonska Posta”, while 322 for other postal service providers in the country. One of the reasons for the decline in these services is the insufficient quality of the provision of postal items.

“In order to reduce these numbers and complaints by end users, implementation of new trends for speed and reliability of postal flows is a first step for timely delivery of shipments. The application of innovations and new practices in the postal services sector is of great importance for the development of companies in this area. In the Republic of Macedonia, we can say that there are rare companies in the postal services sector that, in order to keep up with the world trends, implemented an android for the purpose of live monitoring of statuses for delivery of shipments, as well as implementation of automatic connection of Web shop software with software mail. For the customers, the most important is the timely and reliable delivery of shipments, and the operators should strive for this, “said Aleksandar Milosevski, adding that innovation, organized approach and precision, as well as the application of premium and eco-post services are only part of novelties for quality delivery on shipments.

He clarified that in order to separate from the competition, it is important to offer services that will be tailor-made for the clients – from the flexible possibilities for delivery of documents and shipments, to the option of marketing products such as cars or electronics to selected consumers, are implemented in the world.

“The Post has its share in a dozen of key industries, retail, banking, logistics, and marketing. A trend in European countries is to see postal services as a tool that will enable companies, primarily small and medium sized companies that offer quality products, and are not sufficiently known to reach out to end consumers in various parts of the country through direct advertising or through the delivery of products. Such a way of stimulating SMEs through direct cooperation with postal services means supporting their development as an important link in the development of the overall economy, “said Miloshevski.

In the Republic of Macedonia, according to the data of the Agency for Posts, there are a total of 33 service providers. For untimely delivery of shipments, the legal regulations provide for a fine of EUR 3,500 to 5,000 for the postal operator.