Four companies scoop 2016 Entrepreneur awards

Traditionally this year of the jubilee 10th edition of the prestigious event “Entrepreneur of the Year” Awards were given to the most successful entrepreneurs of micro and small enterprises in the country.

In the category of small enterprises the first prize went to Dean Badarevski of “Sofa Studio” – Skopje, while the second prize went to Vasco Brdarovski of “Evrosurovina SO” – Bitola.

In the category of micro enterprises won the first prize is Hashim Hasani from “Hotel Skardus” – Tetovo, the second prize belonged to her Biljana Kuklovski of “Choco avijators” – Skopje.

Prizes awarded President of Macedonian Chambers of Commerce (MCC), Danela Arsovska, CEO of Macedonian development foundation for enterprises (MDF), Tatjana Lazarevski, President of the Economic Chamber of North-West Macedonia (ECNWM) Nebi Hoxha, and Bojan Jovanovski from the National Centre for development of innovation and Entrepreneurial learning.

President of Macedonian Chambers of Commerce, Arsovska noted that recognition of entrepreneurs is very important, starting from the fact that while the economy is facing many challenges.

“In two years of political uncertain, external influences of migrant crisis and difficulties in the economies of neighboring countries is very important to greet the companies three consecutive years continuously increased which managed to enter the category of best small and micro companies, “Arsovska.

The event participants were addressed by the Director of MEDF ECNWM President and Minister of Economy Driton Kuci, who noted that all businessmen in the current conditions do business deserve congratulations.

The event “Entrepreneur of the Year” as an initiative of the Association, marks ten-year anniversary. A total of 40 entrepreneurs were awarded during this period, the Ministry of Economy awarded a total of six special awards. The idea of ​​the organizers in all these years has been to encourage the entrepreneurial spirit in the country by promoting success stories.

The pre-selection of “Entrepreneur of the Year – 2016” was made based on data from the Central Register of RM. The 56 micro and small enterprises in the period from 2013 to 2015, have realized growth based on number of employees, total income, profits and investment.

The main organizers of the Entrepreneur of the Year 2016 is the Macedonian Chambers of Commerce, the Macedonian Enterprise Development Foundation and the Economic Chamber of North-West Macedonia. Co-organized by the National Centre for Development of Innovation and Entrepreneurial Learning. Institutional patronage of the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Macedonia. Sponsor of the event Savings Opportunities.