Confectionery: Good trade will be further increased

Increasing the economic and trade relations between Macedonia and Italy, the opportunities for their promotion and utilization of the potential for investment were the topics of discussion at today’s event, on which the Macedonian Chambers of Commerce (SCC) formalized the cooperation with the Confederation of Italian Industry Confederation Macedonia. The Memorandum of Cooperation was signed by the President of the Macedonian Chamber of Intermediation for Real Estate Transactions, Aleksandar Miloshevski and the President of the Confederation of Macedonia, Marko Markoni. The event was attended by the Ambassador of the Republic of Italy in the Republic of Macedonia, Carlo Romeo, who gave support to the initiative to further strengthen the bilateral business relations of the companies from both countries, and stressed the importance of the Confederation of Italy’s Confindustria Industry the promotion of economic relations.

Milosevski emphasized that the leading Italian confederation, with its strong network together with the Alliance, will work to strengthen and establish new business relations between the companies from both countries.

“The focus of the Memorandum is to increase the cooperation between the companies of the two institutions, exchange of business information, organization of joint forums, conferences and B2b meetings in the direction of concluding new partnerships and strengthening the existing ones, as well as participation in project activities and utilization of the available funds from the European Union. We should work together to reduce the differences in the trade exchange, precisely by encouraging companies to work together as important aspects that will advance the economic relations between the two countries, “said Miloshevski, adding that we should focus on increasing trade and investment cooperation .

President Marconi noted that the Confederation has 160,000 members of all sizes, with a central headquarters in Rome. Confederation Macedonia was established in order to be the address for all Italian entrepreneurs who are looking for business partners in Macedonia, and consider this part of the Balkans as interesting for the development of their business activities. He stressed that he was especially interested in infrastructure projects.

According to the latest data of the State Statistical Office for January this year, Italy is the sixth largest trading partner of the Republic of Macedonia. The total trade in January 2018 amounted to over $ 50 million, and in the same period last year 33 million USD. Over the same period, exports were over US $ 16m, and imports exceeded $ 33m.

Annually, the total trade between the Republic of Macedonia and the Republic of Italy is increasing from year to year, so in 2017 it is USD 612.4 million, the export is USD 185.2 million, the import balance is USD 427.2 million.