The construction sector reinforces the implementation of standards

The President of Construction Chamber of Commerce at the Macedonian Chambers of Commerce (MCC), Mr. Ivica Jakimovski, signed a memorandum of cooperation with prof. Dr. Darko Moslavac, Dean of the Faculty of Civil Engineering at the University “St. Cyril and Methodius “, Skopje and prof. Dr. Vlatko Sheshov, Director of the Institute for Earthquake Engineering and Engineering Seismology (IZIIS). The Memorandum implies working together to identify the challenges that the sector is facing, to prepare analyzes and documents on the necessary skills required by companies in the labor market and the role of higher education in the creation of quality human resources as well as enhanced implementation of standards.

“The goal of the cooperation is to combine theory and practice, establish greater synergy between institutions, produce staff that will respond to the needs of companies in the construction sector, jointly monitor the latest trends and successful implementation of quality in the construction, respecting the standards and responsibility to all participants in the planning, design and construction of facilities, “said Jakimovski, adding that in the next period, there will be debates to which all stakeholders will be invited for the purpose pedestrian implementation of the resulting conclusions.

Full respect and application of legal obligations for construction and rigorous control, with maximum planning work is what should be paid attention.

“We as construction companies to realize a certain project need mutual cooperation in order to meet the legal standards, starting from the education system, forming staff, through further preparation of projects and their realization. The second phase in the part of the project implementation is the part in which we are completing with IZIIS with the goal of quality project preparation and maximum implementation according to the project documentation during the construction, explained Jakimovski.

The Dean of the Faculty of Civil Engineering, Moslavec noted that the memorandum of cooperation opens up an additional opportunity for students to practice in the real sector. IZIIS Director Sheshov stressed that construction has long roots in our country and that successful cooperation should foster competitiveness and exit on the markets in the world, the region and Europe.