Info session

“Rights and obligations arising from the Law on Labor Relations”

January 25, 2018 – USAID’s Business Partnership for Better Business Regulation held an info session focusing on two important themes “Priority Issues and Problems for Changing the Labor Law” and “Discussion on Practice: Needs, Experiences and Suggestions”. The event enabled interactive discussion and exchange of experiences among all participants in order to arrive at conclusions for overcoming the existing barriers in the process of legal implementation and finding appropriate solutions as well as preparations for a new law as a need and initiative for regulating internships in our ground.

This is the first info session for this year out of the total number of 20 that will be held in several cities in the Republic of Macedonia on important economic topics, in order to start and discuss with the business community, institutions, experts on certain issues that concern the legal compliance of the companies.

Aleksandar Zarkov, executive director of the Macedonian Chambers of Commerce, says that the topics that will be elaborated on the foreseen info sessions are derived from the research involving micro, small and medium-sized companies in order to detect and solve the challenges they face in daily work.

“Companies in our country, especially micro and small, due to limited resources, can not follow the frequent changes in the legislation. Therefore, their education, training for practical implementation of the Laws is needed, and most importantly, they are consulting when creating new legislation or changing the existing one. It is in this direction that for the first time all four chambers work together to improve the business environment. At informative sessions, together with companies, experts and competent institutions, we detect obstacles that make practical implementation of laws difficult, after which concrete measures will be issued which will be submitted to the competent institutions for successful and consistent application of the legislation as a condition for regulating significant economic spheres, “Zarkov said.

The information sessions will cover the following topics: taxes, labor relations, market inspection, licenses for catering activity, agriculture and the environment. Lecturers will be distinguished experts in the mentioned fields, who will bring the participants to the legal regulations on these topics and will encourage discussion. The proposals from the business community will be further elaborated and submitted to the Government of the Republic of Macedonia.

“In the past period, we have actively focused on a series of activities aimed at improving the legal compliance of companies, as well as improving the mechanisms for dialogue between the business sector and government institutions. By strengthening the cooperation and developing communication tools among all relevant stakeholders, we hope to improve the process of representing the interests of the business community and enable integration of all parties in the process of creating better business regulation. We encourage companies to engage in these events that will follow in the next few months and engage in solving those problems that affect their work and success the most, “said Tamara Todorovska, EPI CENTAR International.

In order to involve the business community from all over Macedonia, information sessions will be held in the regional chambers in Kumanovo, Tetovo, Kavadarci, Bitola, Struga, Ohrid, Negotino, Debar, Prilep, Gevgelija, Strumica, Stip, Kocani, Kichevo and 5 in Skopje , which will cover all planning regions.

In the next period, the project will continue to work on constructive solutions for better legal compliance of companies and support to the mechanisms for public-private dialogue between all stakeholders. All project activities are carried out by EPI CENTAR International and the four key partners: Economic Chamber of Macedonia; Economic Chamber of Information and Communication Technologies – MASIT, Economic Chamber of North-West Macedonia and Association of Economic Chambers of Macedonia. Through active participation in the project implementation, the chambers will also strengthen their own capacities to better represent the micro, small and medium-sized enterprises.