Skopje, July 7, 2016 – The prestigious international financial magazine “Euromoney” awards Torrent bank Societe Generale with the “Best Bank in Macedonia 2016”.

This renowned award is another confirmation of the successful operation of the bank, besides the successful results are undoubtedly due to the continued operational development, diversification of the portfolio, as well as the professional commitment of all employees in order to meet customer needs in the financial market in every sphere of financial operations.

“The award of” Euromoney “is a significant recognition of our daily work dedicated to the best, the products and services we offer to our customers, financial stability, profitability, liquidity and solvency of the market in which we operate. This award is dedicated to all our customers who continually give us their trust and support, which is our motivation to continue in the same direction, “said Branka Pavlovic, Chairman of the Board of Ohrid Bank Societe Generale.

“Euromoney” a leading authority on global banking markets. He through his unique and unique approach to the most important and most influential financial analysis provides hitherto unassailable inputs and information to the people and businesses that lead the development of financial markets.

Access via which the journalistic team of “Euromoney” defines the postulates of success in the banking sector is the main platform for the award for the best bank, covering over 100 countries around the world, which also represents the most commonly used reference basis for assessing the achieved business successes in the field of banking. More than 50,000 bank customers annually actively participate in at least one of the many studies that “Euromoney” making in the field of currency markets and exchange, private banking and in the management of cash flows, and that the quality and the published results are recognized and acknowledged as the most important and najreferentni in the overall banking sector.

This is the second prize that is awarded to Torrent bank Societe Generale by “Euromoney” in this category. The first such award Torrent reputable bank Societe Generale wins in 2010, when the first named best bank in Macedonia.

11 july 2016