The initiative of the Minister of Finance of the Republic of Macedonia, Mr. Cyril Minoski, held a meeting with the chambers of commerce in the country.

The meeting discussed the economic measures to support the Macedonian companies, especially export-oriented and investment in infrastructure projects.

– Our main goal is to develop the private sector because domestic companies are the backbone of the Macedonian economy. To assist in creating a business environment that will enable the development of Macedonian companies, creating products and services with higher added value and contribute to the opening of more sophisticated jobs that will contribute to higher paying jobs that will ultimately increase living standards, said Minister Minoski after the meeting.

– We think the support of companies that are export-oriented and those voveduvat innovation in its production which entails investment cycles which contribute to reducing unemployment in the country, said the executive director of the Union of Chambers of Commerce Mitko Aleksov, adding that capital investment infrastructure remain an important segment of the work of Macedonian companies.

11 july 2016