MCC and the Municipality of Ilinden with a Business Club to stimulate the economy at the local level


Macedonian Chambers of Commerce (MCC) and the Municipality of Ilinden formalized their cooperation with the Memorandum of Cooperation, signed by the President of MCC, Mrs. Danela Arsovska and the Mayor of Ilinden, Mr. Zika Stojanovski. The purpose of signing the Memorandum means a partnership that will enable effective collaboration between the municipality and the business community, in order to accelerate economic development and creating favorable conditions for doing business and investing.

With the Memorandum of Cooperation, the Municipality and the business community formed a Business club composed of members of MCC companies operating at the municipal level from different sectors and representatives of the management of the Municipality of Ilinden. The purpose of the Business Club is to strengthen cooperation at the local level for companies members of the chamber located in the Municipality of Ilinden. In business club despite companies will consist of representatives from the municipality of Ilinden, who will work to strengthen and develop the dialogue at local level with the private sector.

The cooperation will be even more intense with the existence of the Business Club, whose role will be focused on timely informing companies of any relevant information related to their work, the opportunity to highlight the needs, presenting the challenges they encounter in their work, as well as the opportunity to engage in specific activities that will contribute to their further development. Companies operating at the municipal level through Macedonian Chambers of Commerce, and now through the municipality’s Business Club, will be able to timely monitor and detect challenges in the community in order to improve the business environment.

Through this club, the dialogue between the public and private sector will be promoted and encouraged and the business environment that will contribute to attracting domestic and foreign investment.

The Municipality of Ilinden is committed to improving the living standards of citizens, as evidenced by the five new investment and 130 new jobs. Additional evidence for the efforts of the Municipality is the local economic zone Marino-Kadino which has, so far, built 15 commercial buildings, and 20 are under construction.  Also, the construction of new homes in the settlements culture Marino and Miladinovci is another example of the operation of the municipality which is aimed at fostering a culture, the tradition, the activities of local communities and other associations.

Macedonian Chambers of Commerce is a Macedonian leading business network where 29 Chambers approached, with over 30 groups, associations. With its organization and its 20,000 members, it is the largest Macedonian business organization which promotes and represents the business interests of company members and connects with more than 1,000 national, regional and international institutions and organizations.

June 22, 2016