High delegation from Alsace, France at a meeting in MCC


Today at Macedonian Chambers of Commerce, the President of Macedonian Chambers of Commerce, Mrs. Danela Arsovska, met with a high delegation from Alsace, Republic of France. The focus of the meeting was to promote economic cooperation at regional level between the two countries, and concrete cooperation in numerous sectors such as the textile industry, trade and wine production, the IT sector, the energy sector and others.

In addition, the French Ambassador Mrs. Laurence Auer explained that two years ago, within the project “Road of Wine”, concrete cooperation was established between companies from both countries by promoting wines from Alsace in Macedonia and Macedonian wines in the Alsace region.

Regional councilor and Vice-President of the Agency for Promotion of the Alsace region, Ms. Marie-Ren Fischer noted that the economic cooperation in various areas can be promoted, and after today’s introduction in Macedonian Chambers of Commerce, the next step is the establishment of contacts between Macedonian Chambers of Commerce and the Chamber of Alsace.

June 21, 2016