Training on “Recent amendments to the Law on Construction Land”


Macedonian Chambers of Commerce, in cooperation with the Ministry of Transport and Communications, held training on the Law on Construction Land – a comparison of the old and the new Law on Construction Land, with special focus on new completely electronic way of keeping procedures alienation, giving short and long term lease, providing for permanent use, establishing a real servitude and transfer of title.

The Law on Construction Land regulating the rights and obligations regarding the construction land arrangement of the construction land, conditions and manner of disposal of construction land, as well as other issues of urban land.

The purpose of the training was to develop a new way of doing the procedures stipulated in the Law, and all subjects and cases arising as a basis for alienation of land owned by the Republic of Macedonia

The training was conducted through interactive discussions, and participants had the opportunity to discuss and ask questions.

21 july 2016


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