Training for new law on enforcement of amendments to the Law on Notary and the role of lawyers in the new changes


In terms of continuous information on the latest changes to the legislation in the country, at Macedonian Chambers of Commerce held training for companies members of the MCC on the latest amendments to the Law on Enforcement, the Law on Notary and the role of lawyers in such changes.

Training on Gordan Stankovic executor explain the recent amendments to the Law on Execution due to come into force in August 2016 and they established a number of innovations in the work of the enforcement such as extra-judicial recovery of debts from utilities must call the debtor to settle debt before blocking the bill, mandatory electronic communications agent cadastral etc.

Notary Mrs. Nada Palic presented to the companies attending the news that by the Law on Notary correlated with changes in the performance and the bar. D. Darko Konstantinović, lawyer and partner of the law firm and Kontantinovikj Miloshevski informs companies about the role of lawyers according to the aforementioned amendments with a focus on the rights and obligations of companies in accordance with the procedure changes.

18 july 2016