The company Bomi 10 Logistik fresh investments


Dear all,

We would like to inform you that the company Bomi 10 Logistik, a longtime member of the Macedonian Chambers of Commerce (MCC) and board member of MCC began building a new logistics center in the municipality of Ilinden.

The idea to build a new logistics center arose from requirements imposed by the intensity of work, increasing the number of performance logistics services, the need for more modern and larger rooms where they can offer and modern logistics solutions

The total surface on which extends the logistics center is 42.000m2 of which 10.000m2 in the plan will be closed warehouse, administration building 1200m2 of open warehouse of 12,000 m2, and parking space for trucks

The operation of the logistics center will be a continuation of everything that has been built the past decades, and it will contain all the experience and logistics solutions acquired transient, and it experiences JCS BARD Logistik in the current premises and experience of Logistics Center Bomi 10 Kumanovo and Skopje.

JCS BARD Logistik, and previously as JCS Sped, its successful operation confirms recent years failed to overcome the obstacles encountered and to cope with fierce competition, while implementing the simplified procedures. Failed to meet all the requirements before the competent customs and other agencies, offering logistics solutions and thereby providing faster flow of goods across the customs warehouse.

Experiences from Logisitichkiot center of Bomi 10 in Kumanovo and Skopje are also important, especially expediency which was achieved by the application of authorization for customs import and export with the perfect delivery of small consignments and the formation of aggregate trucks for export European countries. The benefit is that foreign partners of Bomi 10 Logistik receive shipments especially from textile manufacturers to logistics centers in remarkably quick time. The speed of delivery was achieved and import shipments and raw materials that approvals for customs shipments collected from Western Europe successfully transported, cleared and delivered to manufacturers in the shortest time.

Story written as JCS BARD Logistik and Bomi 10 Logistik construction of the logistics center continues the company presents a new challenge to answer all positive challenges.

29 july 2016