“Plan for an Apartment” – New Housing Loan Bank of Ohrid Bank with 10 year fixed interest rate


Ohrid Bank Societe Generale introduced new and unique, the most competitive offer on the market for a mortgage loan with life insurance. Only with the home loan “Plan for an Apartment” in Ohrid Bank Societe Generale, which is targeted loan for the purchase, renovation and construction of real estate, the clients receive: 10-year fixed-rate, fixed promotional interest rate of 3.75% in the first two years and a secure and favorable fixed interest rate of 5.95% from the third to the tenth year, with a maximum repayment period of 30 years.

“With the new housing loan, ‘Plan for an Apartment’, the Ohrid Bank Societe Generale moves forward in the creation of conditions, transparency and quality of housing loans in order to satisfy the wishes of all interested citizens who want a new home, with unique, accessible and clear conditions. Ohrid Bank Societe Generale was the first bank that offered a 5-year mortgage with a fixed interest rate. Now, with ‘Plan for an Apartment’, Ohrid Bank Societe Generale is again the only bank on the market that offers the longest period fixed installment of 10 years with favorable conditions to interest rates without administrative costs when approving the loan and at no cost to property assessment . Our priority is to offer to provide our clients transparency, stability and security. All customers who opt for this new housing loan of Ohrid Bank Societe Generale in 2016, will know exactly the amount of monthly installment until 2026 without any surprises in the future or hidden cost. It facilitates the planning” – emphasizes Stefan Touati, Member of the Board of Ohrid Bank Societe Generale, who heads the banking sector on Population and marketing.

With a fixed interest rate for the first ten years, the customers of Ohrid Bank Societe Generale are confident and know the exact amount of the installment. Thus, for example, a mortgage with a credit life insurance in the amount of 30,000 euros and a repayment period of 20 years, the monthly installment during the first two years is 185 euros and the third to the tenth year is guaranteed to be 218 euros per month. Additionally and promotionally until 10 July, Ohrid Bank Societe Generale allows customers who apply for a new mortgage “Plan for an Apartment” to choose between two sets of life insurance, including: basic package for credit life insurance with an insurance premium 0.44% per annum of the loan amount and the total package for credit life insurance, with insurance premium of 0.85% per annum of the loan amount.

April 20, 2016