Macedonia – a new business destination for Kazakhstan


The President of Tourism Chamber within Macedonian Chambers of Commerce, Mr. Arkan Kerim, in a several day official visit to Kazakhstan.

During the visit to Kazakhstan, the President of Tourism Chamber at MCC, Arkan Kerim, was part in the International Tourism Fair in Kazakhstan held in the International Exhibition Centre “Atakent” in Almaty, where direct meetings with tour operators from many countries were held. Additionally, a presentation was today realized by Mr. Arkan Kerim regarding the opportunities for tourism potentials of Macedonia as a tourist destination before the tour operators from Kazakhstan. Namely, such presentation will take place tomorrow in the capital of Kazakhstan, Astana, before the largest tour operators.

The focus of the fair is the presentation of products for enhancing the opportunities for tourism, tourism services and solutions, services and luxury accommodation, food and hotel and others. The world’s leading resorts and their operations and practices are presented on the International Tourism Fair and the tourism as one of the leading pillars of the economy of each country.

Namely, during the fair workshops and interactive forums are organized and conducted, which are attractive and useful for all visitors. Also during the fair, visitors are informed about new solutions and technologies and also for the best resorts in the world. The fair is also an ideal opportunity to establish business contacts and concrete cooperation

Macedonian Chambers of Commerce, in order to represent the interests of its members, actively cooperates with the diplomatic missions of the Republic of Macedonia abroad.

In this regard, Macedonian Chambers of Commerce realizes continuous cooperation with the Macedonian Embassy in Kazakhstan, and the Ambassador, Mr. Ilija Psaltirov. As a result of the cooperation of 03/05/2016, a meeting with a delegation of investors from Kazakhstan will take place, and Macedonian Chambers of Commerce will hold a meeting for a future cooperation and promotion of several sectors which are of mutual interest of both parties.

April 21, 2016