The company Pakomak signed a four-year cooperation Agreement and improvement of the environment in the municipality of Kumanovo.

The beginning of this collaboration will be marked of the donation of 40 specialized containers for recyclable waste. A donation of the same amount for each subsequent year is also envisaged, because the city annually generates about 50,000 tons of waste, of which 7,000 tons of waste suitable for recycling. The cooperation is of mutual benefit to the citizens, municipalities and public utility “Cistota” – Kumanovo, which will also service the containers.

Currently, Pakomak has agreements with companies that produce 42% of total packaging waste in Macedonia, has contracts with 25 municipalities of the Republic of Macedonia for separate collection of recycling waste, and is the only company in Macedonia connected to the international network for waste management ProEurope and also has the license to use the symbol “Green Dot”. This year, Pakomak received a national award for socially responsible practices by the Ministry of Economy.

April 20, 2016