Pekabesko won the GOLD COIN

Pekabesko won the GOLD COIN – Business Award for Corporate Social Responsibility.
The award was presented by the Macedonian Chambers of Commerce, where the company stated that the recipient of such high recognition for corporate social responsibility to actively contribute to the community in the country and is a company that supports sport, youth and preserving the environment.

Social responsibility and care for the community is one of the primary goals of the assortment. Since 2015, in collaboration with the Internet community and the Red Cross started to implement the action for granting food packages for socially disadvantaged families.

Also, the company continuously supports numerous international youth conferences, cultural events, sports camps for children, etc., which apart from the support, the assortment also aims to motivate other companies in its priorities to put the human dimension and care for the community.
We express our gratitude to the Macedonian Chambers of Commerce. As a company we always have in order to repay the trust and loyalty of the brand Pekabesko giving consumers from Macedonia and the region.