Ohrid Bank Societe Generale with a donation of necessary goods for the victims in floods


With great regret for the lost human lives and damages inflicted by the storm that occurred in Skopje and its surroundings Torrent bank Societe Generale gives its support and assistance for the victims families.

Considering the current situation and the urgent needs of the population in the most affected areas, in coordination with the Red Cross of Macedonia, Ohrid Bank Societe Generale donated food, blankets and safety shoes.

Specifically, the donation consists of 350 frotirski tablecloths, 200 rubber boots and 4,300 pieces or 500 kilograms of canned food.

Part of the donation will be made available to Creniot Cross of Macedonia and the rest of today was directly delivered by a team of volunteers from Ohrid Bank Societe Generale most vulnerable to the floods, residents in the neighborhood Popovo village Stajkovci.

The value of the donation provided by the Bank’s resources and the donation of bank employees is 600 thousand denars.

Torrent bank Societe Generale believes that this donation will mean mitigate the effects of the storm and believes that families as soon as possible will be safe in their homes renovated.

12 august 2016