Model for placement of national products

23.11.2016, Skopje – Macedonian Chambers of Commerce in cooperation with the Embassy of Hungary in the Republic of Macedonia and the Ministry of Agriculture of Hungary, organized a conference where the domestic companies presented “Hungarikum” – a system that brings together and promotes national indigenous Hungarian products and services.

“The purpose of today’s conference is to present positive examples and to make the exchange of experiences as well as business cooperation between Macedonian and Hungarian companies when it comes to promoting traditional products and services in domestic and international market as a national brand. Joint initiative for the conference stems from the established activities of the Association for promotion of Macedonian companies that have a tradition in creating a Macedonian business identity and successfully promote Macedonian quality of domestic and foreign markets, “said Alexander Zarkov, operation director of MCC and added this is a great opportunity to create added value, to use the experience and we played together on third markets.

Deputy State Secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture of Hungary Loránd Stephen Sakai noted that under Hungarikum include 60 Hungarian national values, specific products, and significant personalities who left their mark in the history of Hungary.

The conference also had his address Ambassador of Hungary to Macedonia Laszlo Duks, who emphasized the good cooperation between the two countries and the progress of political and economic relations.

Erwin Sell, economic counselor at the Embassy of Hungary in Macedonia said that according to the Hungarian Statistical Office in 2014 and in 2015 reached maximum trade between the two countries.

“The positive trend continues this year, the Hungarian exports grew by 20% and Macedonia for more than 160%. We believe that cooperation can be even more successful, through direct investment, joint projects, exchange of information and joint appearance on third markets, “said Sel.

Annually, the trade exchange between Macedonia and Hungary, depending on the year is about 100 million, and this year already in the first 8 months has achieved this level of trade, with the potential for further improvement.

Today’s conference is the result of a successful joint collaboration of the Union of Chambers of Commerce and the Embassy of Hungary in Macedonia. The cooperation between the business communities of the two countries will continue in the future in order to increase trade.