A partnership meeting to deepen the present, but also to encourage future cooperation between the Red Cross of the Republic of Macedonia and partner organizations took place today in Skopje, attended by representatives of the chambers of commerce, companies, banks, international organizations and agencies.

The Vice President of the Macedonian Chambers of Commerce (MCC) Gabriela Kulebanova said in his address that one of the missions of the Alliance is to encourage the interest of the companies in Macedonia to support socially useful social programs designed to improve the living standard.

“The Chamber since 2011 to date supports the implementation of the” Hunger Day “campaign, which the Red Cross of the Republic of Macedonia is implementing throughout the country, and within which humanitarian action is organized with the donation companies to help the families who are faced with social risks. Our country is no exception to this global process because in our society social responsibility is becoming more and more imperative for the companies that make a return to the community part of the profits they make. The basic idea is that no company participates in its activities in an isolated space, but with its work becomes a significant part of the social whole. Corporate members of the Union manifest social responsibility through active measures to protect the environment, various social donations, development of human potential and giving equal opportunities to all employees, through the transfer of knowledge and technologies, consumer protection and many other measures aimed at raising the level of responsibility towards society, “said Kulebanova, adding that the potentials for practicing social responsibility are much larger and that all stakeholders in society in the future we will focus on this goal.

She added that strengthening the cooperation of the Macedonian Chambers of Commerce and the Red Cross as well as all stakeholders that will influence the increase of social responsibility is of great importance for further encouragement of good business practices in our country.

According to the General Secretary of the Red Cross of Macedonia Sait Saiti, the concern for the common good is the highest priority for responsible work, the key and the basis for the common development of the society. At the traditional event, awards were given to the companies supporters of the Red Cross of the Republic of Macedonia.