Macedonian Chambers of Commerce (MCC) in collaboration with the Embassy of Hungary in the Republic of Macedonia within the TEHNOMA 2016, organized a business forum aimed at improving trade cooperation and reinforcement of business relations between Macedonian and Hungarian companies.

“Of utmost importance is the cooperation with the European Union in terms of transfer of technology and knowledge to businesses collaborate on joint projects, from that aspect Macedonian and Hungarian companies need to enhance cooperation to take advantage of that each country any, so that a wider benefit for the private sector and thus the development of the economy of both countries “- said Daniela Arsovska, president of the Federation of Chambers of Commerce

Within the Business Forum, Macedonian companies, members of MCC were able to hold direct meetings with representatives of companies from the delegation of Hungary in the field of the wine industry, producing industruiski products, production systems for the construction of residential buildings, chemical industry other sectors.


By the Ambassador of Hungary in Macedonia, Mr. Laszlo Duks, it was highlighted the positive trend of business cooperation that we have in the past between the two countries. Annually, the trade exchange between Macedonia and Hungary, depending on the year is about 100 million, and this year already in the first 8 months has achieved this level of trade, with the potential for further improvement.

The business forum was held as a result of successful joint collaboration of the Association of Chambers of Commerce and the Embassy of Hungary in Macedonia. The cooperation between the business communities of the two countries will continue in the future in order to increase trade.