Eva Bogoevska and OBSG signed a partnership agreement

The Macedonian violin virtuoso with worldwide recognition – Eva Bogoevska and Ohridska Banka Société Générale signed partnership agreement

Ohridska Banka Société Générale and the young violin artist Eva Bogoevska announced their mutual cooperation by signing a partnership agreement in Ohridska Banka Société Générale headquarters in Skopje.

Following the global sponsoring strategy of the Société Générale Group for promotion, enhancements and support of the music via the Association Mécénat Musical Société Générale, Ohridska Banka Société Générale during will be devoted supporter, promoter and partner of Eva in her forthcoming career challenges.

“The support of the music, first of all implies support of the young musicians. The talents of today are destined to become eminent and recognizable carriers of the music culture of tomorrow. Part of our activities from the aspect of promotion of the socially responsible initiatives is as well the support of young and ambitious Macedonian potentials, thus we are particularly pleased that we have the opportunity to contribute and to be part of the fulfillment of the exceptionally talented Eva’s dreams. Despite promotion of the Bank’ corporate social responsibility, we are entering this partnership with clear tendency to provide Eva our full support and connections in the music world on a Société Générale Group level, since that is what the real partner would do” – stated Stephane Touati, member of the Management Board of Ohridska Banka Société Générale and Director Retail and Marketing division during the meeting.

In April this year, Eva Bogoevska will perform in the renown “Carnegie Hall” in New York,  a performance which she received as a reward gaining the first place on the pedestal on the festival „Rondo Young Artist“ in the competition of more than 200 candidates from all over the world in the category violin.

“I’m particularly happy and proud that I have managed to win on many renowned international competitions for classic art and culture that I’ve attended. Every single win I gain on the international festivals and all of my personal successes, are not only mine, but to the entire country. What makes me really satisfied is the fact that until now, I’ve managed to justify the trust of all who believed in me and supported me. In that sense, I would like to thank Ohridska Banka Société Générale for their trust and support, since this kind of support for me as young artists who strives to reach the top scenes worldwide is of outmost importance. It is my great pleasure to cooperate with Ohridska Banka Société Générale, and for sure this partnership will be additional motive for me to continue with the affirmation of our country wherever I go”, stated Eva Bogoevska.

As socially responsible company, Ohridska Banka Société Générale actively participates in the promotion of the real values by preserving the tradition, affirmation of the culture, music and sports, as well as support to the vulnerable categories in the society.

More information about Ohridska Banka Société Générale is available on www.ohridskabanka.mk