“Macedonian Power Plants” started the procedure for selecting a company from which to purchase new mining equipment for coal holes REK “Bitola”. The equipment will facilitate the complete opening of the new mine capacity underlying coal seams in Suvodol, as well as continuous and autonomous operation of surface mines Suvodol and Brod Gneotino. The financial framework of the project is 64.5 million euros, which are provided from its own budget of the company and the credit taken by Germany’s Deutsche Bank.

The procurement is included diverse mining equipment that will enable REK “Bitola” to excavate coal and waste, which will ensure a smooth and efficient operation of the plant in the next 15 to 20 years. The tender procedure is a warrant based on fabricated technological – economic analysis, and refers to the extraction of coal and slag in a continuous mode and machinery for excavation and transport designed for discontinuous supply of coal. From state power company explain that the equipment includes supplying transporter (bandvagen) transport system for slag, mobile telescopic separate station, primary crusher for coal, 15 hydraulic excavators, 12 bulldozers, 28 trucks dump trucks with payloads greater than 40 tons, graders, six auto-cranes, tanks for water and fuel tank.

After selecting the best bidder, ELEMs expect that the overall mining equipment will arrive in phases over the next 12 to 24 months. After completing the project, the state energy company would be free to implement the process of excavation and transportation of coal without hiring outside firms as was the case before.

17 May 2016