“With support of female entrepreneurship to innovation and higher economic growth”


At today’s press conference of Macedonian Chambers of Commerce (MCC) led by Mrs. Tanja Dejanoska, member of the Management Board of MCC, it was discussed about women’s entrepreneurship and the challenges faced by women entrepreneurs, and the need for greater impetus and financial support as a basis for stability and development of women entrepreneurship in the country.

Women’s entrepreneurship slowly but surely, is beginning to play a major role in Macedonia. More and more we can see women in high positions in the corporate world, and women business owners. Proof of this is the official statistics that says that about 30 percent of the enterprises in the country are owned by women. In addition, European statistics show that over 30 percent of entrepreneurs are women. However, this percentage has prerequisites to rise because women can contribute more given the different perspective and new ideas, and greater caution which carry with them, and the percentage of business success for women is higher than that for men.

Although compared with previous years the number of women managers is growing, according to recent data showing that only 2 percent of women have management positions in large companies. 12 percent women in management positions of altogether employed women in all sectors in the country, and about 32 percent are women in entrepreneurship, but many are family businesses. With less than 4 percent are women business owners. Women in managerial position in the financial sector, education, agro business sector, textile industry, IT and medicine. Over 30 percent of private companies open women, but they are very slow to develop, and are paid less than men. The main reasons for this situation, stereotypes prevailing in the country and weak economic power of women prevents them from opening their own business, and traditional beliefs that exist in our country. In business compared with the policy no quotas for women they have to fight for his place facing challenges in accessing funds for starting and running their own business. However, women entrepreneurs are an important factor for increasing employability in Macedonia, and their potential to significantly contribute to the development of innovation.

In Macedonia measure to subsidize women entrepreneurs are making an effort to encourage female entrepreneurship by means separates the Ministry of Economy may be necessary, but in terms of what stands out in the region where they carry out programs to encourage female entrepreneurship , they are not enough. Therefore it requires an increase in subsidies that separates the country of women’s entrepreneurship.

“We think that it is of great importance in order to boost the development of women entrepreneurship is to promote positive business stories and practices of women entrepreneurs, to develop professional and leadership approach for women who want to open their own business, to identify and exchange information financial support for new and current businesses. Also, it is necessary to realize the training and qualification of women to encourage the recruitment and involvement of women in the relevant economic, social and cultural areas of public interest and the national and international level to implement networking, mentoring and lobbying for women entrepreneurs” said Dejanoska.

Due to the need, in 2013 within the Services Chamber at the Macedonian Chambers of Commerce, it is formed a Group of women entrepreneurs in Macedonia which represents over 500 members of the Macedonian Chambers of Commerce which are operated or managed by women. Macedonian Chambers of Commerce continuously through the Group of Women Entrepreneurs supports female entrepreneurship and sets standards with business organizations of women entrepreneurs in Macedonia aimed at improving the working conditions and access to finance, which MCC is now a strong voice and a supporter of women entrepreneurs in Macedonia. CMS actively supports the development of women entrepreneurship and business women through networking and mutual promotion, education and counseling. Women entrepreneurs need is information, providing financial and legal assistance, and expert advice for starting and developing their own business. Also, it is necessary to strengthen the social capacity for development of women entrepreneurship through various support policies and creating new jobs which will directly influence the strengthening of the economy.

May 18, 2016