ProCredit Bank celebrated 13 years of work


With more than 1,000 guests present – shareholders of ProCredit Holding in Germany, representatives of the diplomatic corps, US Ambassador Jess Bailey and Mr Ambassador of the Republic Germany others. Christine Althauzer, management and employees of ProCredit Bank Romania, Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Kosovo, Bulgaria, Albania and Greece, clients, associates and friends of the bank celebrated 13 years of successful operation and opened a new central management of ProCredit Bank. Another significant investment by ProCredit Bank, built according to modern energy efficient standards and performed by Macedonian construction companies and architects. Governor Bogov Honorary comes first addressed the audience, emphasizing that ProCredit has always been and remained 100% German bank and has a significant contribution to the modernization and improvement of the banking sector with positive example of 24/7 Zone. Bogov underlined the role of the Central Bank as a conservative regulator of the banking system in Macedonia in maintaining a stable exchange rate and storage of solid foreign exchange reserves. German Ambassador others. Christine Althauzer compare the new Central Administration with modern European, especially German buildings, constructed to the highest energy standards and supported the modus operandi of the bank through automated zones that offer ATMs and payment and the payment of money – MKD euro coins. Chairman of the Supervisory Board of ProCredit Bank Macedonia and member of the Management Board of ProCredit Holding, Mr Borislav Kostadinov said ProCredit Holding as 100% shareholder of ProCredit Bank supports the efforts of the Bank of responsible banking, better and better banking services for SMEs RM, through constant investment in staff and technology in the branches.

Joan Joleska Popovska, General Manager of ProCredit Bank wished success and good cooperation of customers and employees in modern and contemporary central management. She pointed out all the advantages that Macedonian citizens and businesses have the opportunity to use: top cadre of professionals who work with the most productive segment of the Macedonian entrepreneurs, an extensive network of banks in the region and the most rapid transfers, a bank with cutting edge technology service 24/7 , first to market with ATMs for payment and payment of MKD and EUR cash at any time, even from a savings account. The building located on ul. Ilinden is minimal CO2 emissions and a major contribution to a clean environment: the building has 100 photovoltaic plants that generate electricity for their own needs, has its own electric charging stations for electric vehicles, there are green gardens on the terraces. The event was celebrated with a 20 minute spectacular fireworks, a gift to the citizens of Skopje, which caused much cherished among the guests, especially the youngest children with their variety and diversity in the sky.

May 16, 2016