By introducing innovative solutions to successfully conduct business


At today’s press conference of Chambers of Commerce (MCC) which was attended by Mr. Mitko Aleksov – Executive Director of the Macedonian Chambers of Commerce and Mrs. Jasmina Popovska, Director of the Fund for Innovation and Technological Development of Republic of Macedonia was discussed to further promote the possibilities of using funds from the Fund for innovation, and take concrete actions to better use of funds by the companies members of the MCC.

The Director of the Innovation Fund was emphasized the possibility for companies to apply for the current third public call for proposals for funding under the Instrument for support – co-financing grants for newly established trading companies “start-up” and “spin-off. Budget for financing projects under this call is the total amount of 450,000 euros, and the deadline for submission of applications is up to 26 July 2016. The call is open to micro, small and medium enterprises (not older than 6 years) – “Start-up” and “spin-off” companies, predominantly owned by the Macedonian citizens who have an innovative idea with a solid expectation for commercialization.

Within the press conference a Memorandum on cooperation between the Macedonian Chambers of Commerce and the Fund for Innovation and Technological Development which inaugurated and already established excellent cooperation. In the past CMS participated organized for its members several presentations on the possibilities for using funds from the Fund for Innovation and ovaa activity will continue with increased intensity in the future. Additionally, by MCC in collaboration with the project “Swiss Contact” today announces a call for funding the process of preparing to apply for a variety of products and services for the business sector, where they belong and programs of the Innovation Fund. Under the deal, these funds will be available for companies managed or owned by women and the legal deadline to apply is July 15, 2016.

“The introduction of innovation within the work of Macedonian companies is of paramount importance in order to increase their productivity, competitiveness and quality that also provides an opportunity for entry and presence in new markets, and increase its visibility, creating its own brand and achieve higher profits under its operation. Investing in innovation is an investment that contributes significantly to the fulfillment of the mission of each company. “- Said Mitko Aleksov, Executive director of MCC

In accordance with the Memorandum of Cooperation signed between MCC and the Innovation Fund for all companies that have approved projects for financing by the Fund, MCC provides free membership in the chamber for the company in one year with the possibility of using all services within the chamber as full members.

6 july 2016