Awards for the first nine start-up companies from the Innovation Fund

The first nine start-up companies which have successfully completed projects supported by the Fund for innovation and technological development were recognized.

Acknowledgments received Daris Engineering LLC DPTU Haas Engineering LLC, DTK Smart-Tech LLC, cliques Technologies LLC, Ebiznis Ltd, Prime APPS LLC Vejpr applications LLC Marcie electric systems Ltd and Essence LLC. Union of Chambers of Commerce supports all companies that received funds through the Innovation Fund.

Executive Director of the Federation of Chambers of Commerce Mitko Aleksov said that such projects and activities domination gets knowledge and innovation at the expense of raw materials, energy and physical labor, and added that this is the future towards which we strive Macedonian economy.

“It changes the way of production, improve product quality, increase productivity, reduce production costs and contribute to a healthier environment,” said Aleksov.

Director of the Fund for Innovation and Technological Development, Jasmina Popovska in his address said that for four years Activities for greater competitiveness of Macedonian enterprises by introducing innovations.

So far, he added, we supported 37 companies totaling 1.5 million euros, but dopolniteno provided support to strengthen their capacity for innovation management, export and additional funding opportunities. Stressed that this number mostly start-up companies some of which began to work only with the support of the Fund, however, clarify, these are young companies that are no longer than six years.

“According to the Medium-term program for the next three years, it envisages even greater momentum for financing enterprises in this area, but more funds allocation. What is perhaps most significant and far neprisutno in this section is the presence of private investors that would invest alongside the state start-up enterprises and companies that bring innovation, “Popovski said.

He emphasized that it is envisaged establishing a Fund for equity investments and plans to work for its development this year and by the end of 2019 through it to allocate 30 million euros.

“This will require a much larger investment than what until now we have worked with this pilot project together with the World Bank. In the next period we will pay attention to these current tools should be available to those enterprises who are currently not eligible to apply because they do not meet the requirements in terms of size of company, but those research institutions dealing with micro small enterprises currently covered by part of the instruments will be able to apply directly to the Fund, “Popovski said.

He pointed out that this year has already provided more funds than last year or plan to allocate 3.7 million euros.

“The first call for this year will be announced by February 5 and through it we plan to support 15 start-up companies and 10 micro, small and medium enterprises will submit a project for commercialization of innovations. The total budget for this call will be 1.450.000 euros. Through this funding innovative projects to help companies less time to develop and test their solutions and quickly bring them to market, “added Popovska.

DTK manager of Smart-Tek Zivko Kokolanski said that a spin off company of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology.

“Once the first call of the Fund for Innovation and Technological Development received a grant, and now the third call are also recipients of a new grant. The company is engaged in the development and implementation of software and hardware solutions in the field of energy efficiency. Is primarily designed for industrial companies with our products may implement savings in financial terms and to reduce energy bills, “said Kokolanski.

Ljupco Vangelski company said Vejpr applications developed software product for managing private cloud (cloud) for midsize companies who want flexible control of their IT infrastructure.

“The company exists two and a half years. After a year of setting us pointed able to get financial assistance from the Fund for Innovation. It utilized primarily to better equip our team to develop the product version to have customers users. We finished the project, but we are at the beginning because even now we need to do promotion, “get out of foreign markets, added Vangelski.