The biggest joint project in the world for reconstruction of buildings


The largest joint project in the world for reconstruction of buildings officially started the activities of green building councils across Europe. The goal is to deal with one of the biggest challenges of climate change in the region – existing buildings.

After the preparations that lasted more than one year, the Project BUILD UPON started a string of 80 European events designed to generate more than 1,000 organizations in a joint effort to reduce harmful emissions from buildings.

The goal of BUILD UPON is to overcome these challenges by supporting national governments, industry and civil society, which will result in so-called “National Strategies for renovations” – long-term plans for opportunities and ways to renovate homes and commercial buildings of high energy efficiency. It is these strategies to be adopted by the 30th April 2017, in accordance with EU legislation.

The project also launched the portal “RenoWiki” – a pioneering Internet portal that allows each individual to submit and publish current initiatives related to the renovation of buildings in Europe in order to share best practices and successful initiatives. Currently, the portal RenoWiki has information on about 650 initiatives.

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The full press release can be downloaded at the following link.

March 31, 2016


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