Ramstore Mall starts a major prom campaign


The Mall that is the center of fashion, tastes, events and entertainment, Ramstore Mall, through today’s announcement of the campaign Prom Panel, once again confirms the continuing care for its visitors. The past few years, Ramstore Mall, dedicated the spring period to all graduates by organizing interesting campaigns that aim at ensuring the graduates the perfect prom look.

From today the campaign Prom Panel is active, that will provide an opportunity to two graduates, together with the fashion designer and stylist, Mrs. Irina Toseva, to choose the perfect prom combination, and to get the same by 50% reduction and be the major stars that who will arrive at their prom night with the best view and own limousine.

Apart from the chosen two students, Ramstore Mall will donate vouchers to five students in the amount of 3,000 denars.

All high school graduates who want to be part of this campaign have to do is visit shopping, find the Prom Panel of Ramstore Mall, take photos and post their photograph on the official Fan Page Ramstore Mall on Facebook or Instagram by hashtag #НАЈМАТУРНАТ #МАТУРСКО ТАБЛO@RAMSTOREMALL. The Commission of the Mall will then choose the best photos that will receive valuable gifts.

Another information which is announced is that this year, a part of the official high schools panels and universities, will be, for the first time, displaced in the lobby of Ramstore Mall.

April 22, 2016