Press conference: “Increasing the quality of the human resources


At today’s press conference of Macedonian Chambers of Commerce (MCC) led by Mr. Darko Velkov, a member of the Management Board of MCC, it was discussed about the potentials of human resources in small and medium enterprises as well as, the legislation in the country.

The economy in the Republic of Macedonia, in recent years in the area of ​​human resources, introduced changes that led to its improvement, and they must constantly be updated, as they are not sufficiently accepted by all companies in the economy. The personnel departments of companies developed into units of human resources, and more attention is paid to the quality of staff and keeping it. In the whole process of improvement, change in three directions that determine the development of qualified staff is still needed.

Namely, in terms of regulation, we believe that the precise wording of Article 14 of the Law on Vocational Education will provide increased demand of companies for staff of vocational education. In Article 14 it is necessary to clearly determine what type of compensation would get companies if constantly engage students in secondary vocational education, while they must have a mentor mentoring program of the company who will monitor their progress and learning in the company throughout their practice. The aim is to their better understanding of the work; the owners of the companies have already gained confidence in students and many of them to keep in their companies. This will allow many students to qualify and immediately be engaged in the companies in which they practice. That will lead to increased employment of young people, and also improving the productivity of companies.

The second direction is in the area of ​​entrepreneurship, i.e. what changes are needed in the economy. The time has come when we need to maintain the highest quality staff, and thus need to constantly invest in creating better conditions for staff in companies. As a small country with limited resources, it can really make a difference if there is quality staff, which makes our economy to be recognizable. Regardless of company size, you need to invest in human resources units that will be devoted to the conduct of staff and improving their competencies. The need for continuous investment in training in the area of ​​technical skills and improve the so-called soft skills. Also, it is necessary to work on the creation of middle management in companies for better organization and greater productivity. In addition, it is necessary intensive investment by the business sector to improve their so-called soft skills (leadership, motivation, management skills and delegation)

The third direction is the part in which all participate and all are equally responsible for the present and future generations. In order for our staff to be different, it must have personal characteristics that are required by the economy, and most are taught in the home environment and the earliest age. Those characteristics are sought after in the world and only responsibility is ours alone unless educate their children in the right direction. It means we love unselfishly and continuously invest in the proper education of our children while they have the following competencies: cultural behavior, business address, to be loyal to the brand, to constantly express initiative, learn to respect authority, to learn be maximally committed to work and have a desire for personal improvement.

May 4, 2016