Strengthening of the business cooperation between Republic of Macedonia and Republic of Italy is the goal of today’s signing of the Memorandum of Cooperation between Macedonian Chambers of Commerce (MCC) and the Chamber of Commerce of Turin.

A delegation composed of the Chamber of Commerce of Turin and the Municipality of Turin, are in a several-day official visit to Macedonia, within which an official meeting took place at Macedonian Chambers of Commerce, on which a Memorandum of Cooperation between MCC and the Chamber of Commerce of Turin was signed. The cooperation between the two Chambers began as an initiative of the Presidents of both Chambers in the meeting within the Comorian World Congress held in Turin last year.

Italy is an important trading partner of the Republic of Macedonia, i.e. Italy is in the top 10 trade partners of Macedonia. The cooperation with the Chamber of Commerce of Turin is significant from several aspects including the fact that under the National Law in Italy, the Chambers are responsible for creating and updating the business register of all companies in Italy and can go directly to meet the business needs for collaboration by the Macedonian companies.

The Chamber of Commerce of Turin and the Municipality of Turin exercise continuous and strong cooperation and are a valuable partner of MCC, by which, in future, a number of business activities will be conducted, such as business forums, meetings, exchange of information, representing the business interests of the two commerce and implementation of potential European projects.

“MCC represents the business interests of more than 20,000 member companies by connecting them with more than 1,000 national, regional and international institutions and organizations. The cooperation with the Chamber of Commerce of Turin will contribute to strengthening of the business links and the quality of exchange of relevant business information between companies from both countries as well as additional promotion of Macedonian companies on the Italian market” stated Mr. Aleksandar Zarkov, Operations Director of MCC.

At a meeting with representatives from the Municipality, it was discussed the connection between the local authorities and municipalities with the business sector and further opportunities for cooperation and positive examples of implementation were also discussed. By MCC, as a positive example of cooperation between MCC and the Municipalities, was mentioned the project “Business friendly Municipalities’ within which several Municipalities in Macedonia were certified and promoted within Southeast Europe as Municipalities willing to respond to the needs of the business sector directly attracting domestic and foreign investment.

March 22, 2016