EVN begins a lottery “Awards for economical home” which will motivate and to reward customers and also will promote positive change and promotion of best practices in terms of home and energy savings. In raffle will participate all registered users of the database EVN, which have updated their personal data.

All users have the opportunity to get a voucher from “Neptun Macedonia”, intended to buy household appliances or set energy efficiency value gauge composed of electricity, timer and electronic weather station. In 12 car will be drawn on 24 awards.

Raffle will be broadcast within the show “Visiting at” and the drawing of prizes will be carried out electronically at random. The show will be broadcast every Monday at 20:15 pm on the first program of MRTV and Tuesday Alsat M 23 hours.

“All users of EVN Macedonia who has not updated its data so far, can do that in a number of ways; by filling out a form to update the personal data available in any collection point or customized energy center or by completing a form that will receive the invoice for electricity from EVN“, the company informs.

April 4, 2016