“Eurolink Insurance” started the Business full caravan in Skopje


“Eurolink Insurance” started the Business Kit caravan in Skopje with a presentation of its new business caravan before more representatives of small and micro enterprises.

The Business full package covers various insurances, such as insurance against fire and other hazards, theft and robbery, breaking glass, breakdown, accident and liability for employees. The package is provided as full insurance for small businesses that have commercial and retail facilities, convenience stores, mini markets, pharmacies, perfume shops, beauty salons, cafes and others.

“Eurolink is dedicated to developing new and innovative insurance solutions for businesses. We strongly believe that our support is more than needed by small businesses to be able to fully focus on further growth and development. Therefore, this year we have focused on providing comprehensive insurance solutions that provide complete protection of the business. Taking into account their needs, we created the Business package which provides complete, affordable protection to small businesses from the risks are the most common threat to their businesses” – said Maria Tomeska, Chairman of the Board of “Eurolink Insurance”.

Over the next month, the Business full caravan will continue with events in Strumica, Bitola, Prilep and Stip.

“Eurolink Insurance” announced that this year, all who sign a contract for Loyalty to 3 years, have the opportunity to acquire Business Package for only a  denar for the first year, and also get policy and private collective insurance for only 300 denars per month per employee. In addition, employers who are involved in the loyalty program will receive free preventive medical examination mandatory for their employees. яндекс

February 29, 2016