Tutunska Bank is in the first place according to the loans it allocated last year

Tutunska Bank increased credit investments by 5.2 billion in 2015, which is by far the highest growth in loans to customers, according to official data from the unaudited balance sheets published by the three largest commercial banks these days. According to official data at the end of 2015 NLB Tutunska bank credit facilities has 43.67 billion which is 5.2 billion dinars (84.3 million) more than the realization of the end of 2014.

Tutunska Bank last year won the competition in the category growth in deposits from their clients. The deposits Tutunska Bank at the end of 2015 amounted to 56.7 billion which is 4.75 billion dinars (77 million euros) more than compared to the end of 2014. The best results in both groups suggest the conclusion that the bank’s management was able to make the most attractive credit terms to customers, while at the same time managed to create and most attractive conditions for depositors. According to official data Tutunska Bank last year has seen strong growth in net interest income and more than 20 percent compared to 2014 to a level of 2.43 billion denars or 430 million more than in 2014. Net income from fees and commissions have a minimal and negligible decline. Reservations predictably increased because credit expansion to a level of 984 million, which is 9 percent more than in 2014. Solid growth in 2015 and the bank has net profit reached 832 million which is 24 percent more than in 2014. Marketing of action Tutunska Bank significantly intensified in the past five trading that before the announcement of financial results. For this period, a total of 500 traded shares, most of which the price of 7,600 denars. Obviously growing expectations of investors that will repeat last year when the bank divided solid dividend (550 denars gross), after which the share price significantly increase the level of over 5.000 to the ceiling of 7.800 denars per share.

March 7, 2016


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