Three factors for the development of construction and the overall economy

Recognition of quality construction, importance of reliable infrastructure that will be used by many generations, as well as regional linking of construction companies for realization of regional projects are the three important aspects in the function of development of the construction sector, was stressed at today’s press conference of the Association of Economic Chambers of Macedonia (MCC). The President of the Construction Chamber of Macedonia, Ivica Jakimovski, pointed out that the trend of recognizing and informing the buyers of residential space for the quality of the building with the application of high standards when it comes to building construction, more precisely building buildings and objects for individual housing, is positive.

“More and more buyers of residential space are interested in the quality of the building and it is a positive trend that should jointly build the construction companies with potential buyers for the citizens to know how to get a quality building. Only in this way will the quality, which lasts for the next generations, be encouraged and credibility of the serious construction companies will be given. The reputation of investors with a quality portfolio behind should not be disturbed because of individual cases that need to be sanctioned. The implementation of quality materials by applying the latest trends for the construction of energy efficient apartments with European quality in the long term means double savings. The saving of finances is the goal of every individual, family, and in this context the investment in energy efficient homes is a necessity and means saving for the future, “Jakimovski pointed out and pointed out that in the part of the high construction the situation is still uncertain and it is unknown when the problem with the canceled and already adopted detailed urban plans (DUP) is closed, which results in legal uncertainty for investors who suffer serious financial damage.

In the part of low construction, more precisely investments in infrastructure, road construction, railways, gasification, which are in capital investments, we expect and appeal to the strengthening of the pace in the period that follows. The goal is to use the funds foreseen in the budget of our country, because they are the basis not only for the growth of construction, but also for the overall economy.

“According to the Ministry of Finance data, the level of realization of capital investments for January is slightly above 1%, which is relatively low, but it is not irreplaceable, since the biggest construction offensive depends on the weather, and is mostly realized by March 1 to December 15. For 2019, 418 million euros are foreseen for major infrastructure projects, and it is necessary to spend the funds envisaged for capital projects for naturally operating companies, to increase wages and thus the standard of living, “Jakimovski stressed, adding that capital investments must be realized in order to make a step forward in the economy and not to reflect the situation from last year.

The third important aspect for moving the construction sector is to get out of the borders; more precisely, we emphasize the importance of the regional construction projects in the function of development of the construction sector, and thus increasing the competitiveness and growth of the economy on the level of the entire region.

“Construction companies in the region associated with consortia and clusters can enhance productivity and be competitive to realize large infrastructure projects both in the region and in third markets. The pooling of capacities in the construction sector means promotion of regional economic cooperation in the field of construction, “Jakimovski said.

The Macedonian Chamber of Commerce warns that for the successful realization of the above mentioned three aspects, we should work on overcoming the gray economy in the sector that disturbs the overall picture of the construction in our country, especially the part of the building.

“Precisely in that direction, the adoption of the Law on Legalization of Illegal Buildings should focus on the elimination of unfair competition, since every registered construction company pays taxes to the state and participates in its development, unlike non-taxpayers. We are open for cooperation with institutions with our proposals, constructively work on protecting companies that work according to the rules and contribute to the state budget, “Jakimovski added.

Long-term development of the construction sector means the growth of all 26 additional economic branches related to the sector, as well as the overall national economy.