Construction Chamber of Commerce informs that the trend of increase in the costs of building materials, but also for the employees in the construction companies is happening continuously. The latest data from the State Statistical Office (SSO) only confirm the situation and show that the construction costs for new individual housing objects in the fourth quarter of last year compared to the same quarter of the previous year are higher by 5.9 percent, the costs for materials are higher by 3.2 percent and staff costs are higher by 13 percent.

“The price increase is registered in the three segments and it is true that there are price increases in all segments for building quality apartments, which are energy efficient, areseismically stable. If we compare the current period with respect to last year, we can talk about the price increase of all construction materials between 10 and 15%. Increasing the costs is a result of the increase in the price of energy for transport, first for those materials that are imported, as well as for the materials that are from domestic production. If in the past years, excluding the last two in the part of the high-rise building there was continuity and stability, in the current conditions of legal uncertainty investors are not able to invest. What we can expect in the next period is that it will not be possible to offer quality construction at lower prices, because the growth in costs is dictated by the rise in the price of quality apartments, “said Ivica Jakimovski, President of the Construction Chamber.

The serious construction companies follow the latest trends in the sector and build their maximum according to all standards in order to maintain their reputation in creating a portfolio of quality buildings that will be used by next generations.

“The implementation of quality materials, using the latest trends for the construction of energy efficient apartments of top quality, cost more but in the long term means double savings. In line with the world’s achievements in construction, it is necessary to monitor and implement the latest technologies and standards in order to increase the competitiveness and quality of the construction. All this costs, time, resources and labor. The price of apartments in the future will move in an upward direction and this depends exclusively on the quality of the building, the location, the infrastructure and the favorable business environment. This year was one of the worst years in the construction sector, and this is proved by the statistical figures, “said Jakimovski.

The long-term development of the construction sector means the growth of all 26 additional economic branches related to the sector, as well as the overall national economy.