“Ramstore” is opening a market where “Carrefour” was located in the “City Mall”, which is planned to start operating in the second half of April. The market will cover an area of ​​4648 square meters.

As announced by the company, the strategy for effective growth of “Ramstore” in the country comprises an ongoing expansion in the retail sector by opening new markets despite the existing ones.

With the investment in the “City Mall” is planned 82 additional direct and 20 indirect jobs to be achieved, or more than 100 new jobs, with which the largest Employment Project in 2016 would be realized.

Billboards are already placed at the site of the planned space. The market in “City Mall” will be the 21st store of “Ramstore” which has been opened in the country, and which will be the largest in Macedonia.

“Ramstore” which began to operate in this country from June 2005, is the largest chain of company for international retail supermarkets of “Migros Tidzharet AS” in Turkey.

March 17, 2016