Press conference – “Macedonia needs technological parks”


At today’s press conference of Macedonian Chambers of Commerce (MCC) led by the Executive Director of MCC, Mr. Mitko Aleksov, it was discussed about the need of opening technological parks in Macedonia, about the advantages that will arise with the start of operation of the same, and the utilization of the benefits technological parks offer.

Technology Park is an area planned for industrial development of the country and is usually found on the fringes of the main populated environment in the cities or out of its borders. They are provided with good transportation access, including roads and railways, and also equipped with an excellent network Internet connection.

The technological parks are important for the survival and development of the modern industries. Their development for the Macedonian economy is especially important because it encourages small and medium companies oriented to high technology, accelerates the process of modern entrepreneurship, enables growth and development of start-up businesses, and contributes to economic development based on knowledge. All this will lead to increased economic growth, increasing exports, reducing unemployment and leading to higher living standards.

The technological parks in the world are the driving force of economies in countries, and appropriate for them is the fact that in every park, there are powerful technological companies, which recruit workers from all accounts.

“Knowledge and innovation receive dominance at the expense of raw materials, energy and physical labor. The application of new technologies, microelectronics, optical electronics, biotechnology, nano materials, automation, IT, genetic engineering, changing the mode of production, improve product quality, increase productivity, reduce production costs, and contributes to a healthier environment. We believe that efforts should be directed toward establishing such parks in the country, representing an environment that will attract domestic and foreign investment” said Aleksov.

In addition, the technological parks in Europe have favorable tax exemptions, their attracting of foreign and domestic investments leads to greater economic growth, creation of jobs, and increase of the GDP of each country. One advantage of technological parks is the exemption from customs duty on import of goods intended for capital investments.

The technological parks represent an initial stimulus for overcoming of the so-called technological conservatism and inertia. Restructuring of existing facilities is a complex, difficult and protracted process, has encountered resistance from existing technologies, old footage and established business relationships. The establishment of such technological parks, Macedonia will be seen as a country that invests in its facilities and a country that aims at attracting foreign and domestic investments for improving the business climate, and providing a more secure future for the citizens.

April 6, 2016


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