One, Blizoo and Vip become only VIP


The telecommunications operator one.Vip announced that from today users of the former brands VIP, One Blizoo and become a large community under the brand VIP.

Free calls which until now users of mobile networks used within only ONE or Vip mobile tariffs will now be able to use part of the great VIP community of over 1.1 million mobile users. Within the fixed network again, free landline minutes can be used towards all ONE, VIP or near tariffs. In addition, users will need to change their SIM card, they receive these benefits with their existing contracts and tariffs.

“Today we unite our brands and our customers, today we are all Vip and when talking free, we talk to many more users from a large VIP community. We are extending the benefits of our customers, we unify our points of contact with customers and unify the experience of all our customers and care for them at the highest level. VIP now offers much more to its customers and for the Macedonian market as a whole. Soon users can expect more offers and new services VIP” said Mr. Nikola Ljushev, CEO of one.Vip.

The new mobile network at all Vip customers will provide significantly greater capacity for 3G technology coverage throughout the country and availability of 4G LTE across Macedonia, all to ensure the best user experience and to provide the latest world technology advancements in the mobile segment.

May 12, 2016