MEPSO built a transmission line from Skopje to Tetovo


Intensive construction 110KW new transmission line that will connect the largest edible areas in the country, Skopje and Tetovo.

As the Macedonian Transmission System Operator informs, power line will pass through 6 municipalities and connects large transformer stations: 1 Skopje, Tetovo and Jugohrom 1. Therefore, building new chelichnoreshetkasti poles and are stretched and mounted new conductors. Nikola Stojanov, spokesperson of MEPSO informs all plots’s ownersthrough which the power line passes, and that must work to set up the equipment and the construction of the tower, the company has established a commission to determine damages to agricultural plots that They will be made damages. According to him, after determining the actual conditions will follow and reparation for all owners of the parcels on which works of placing posts. This investment increases the reliability of supply of electricity to the two largest edible regions in the country. Increases system stability and improve the quality of electricity.

“The average value of the power line was 3.56 million and it includes two components. First, the credit component provided through the World Bank and the second source are own funds of MEPSO intended primarily for land acquisition, which will be located power line” said Stojanov recently on MTV.

110KW transmission line Skopje-Tetovo has a length of 52 kilometers. Most follow a new route, and expects construction to be completed during the summer months when it is fully operational.

April 12, 2016