MCC in an official visit to the Czech Republic


Macedonian Chambers of Commerce (MCC), in collaboration and organization of the Ministry of Local Government and Development Programme of the United Nations (UNDP), is part of a four-day visit to the Czech Republic within the project “Better Management for Increased Competitiveness of the Four Regions (Vardar, Polog, Skopje and East).

The purpose of the visit is presentation and exchange of good practices and Czech experience in terms of attracting foreign investments and improving the business climate at the regional level. It was also discussed about the development of the planning regions by supporting small and medium enterprises and their participation and contribution to the regional economic development, creation and development of strategies, policies and institutions that encourage the activities of the private sector at the regional level.

During the official visit, the Executive Director of Macedonian Chambers of Commerce, Mr. Mitko Aleksov, met with representatives of the Czech Chamber of Commerce and an agreement was reached on mutual concrete cooperation, and also, a Business Forum was also announced, which is scheduled to be held in June 2016 in Skopje, for which there is great interest from the companies from the Czech Republic. Also, the Executive Director of MCC visited the Technological Center in the town of Hradec Králové, which contains a number of start-up IT companies, industrial design companies from the food industry.

In addition, MCC met with Czech Government Departments and other bodies which actively follow and support the private sector development. In this context, the visit contributed to the realization of the starting conditions for potential future cooperation between the Chambers of the two countries in the field of tourism, construction, energy, metal and food industry and also potential investments in Macedonia by the Czech companies were also announced.

The Government of Macedonia and the Government of the Czech Republic have signed an Agreement on Economic and Industrial Cooperation in 2010, and a Protocol for determining the direction of the Economic and Trade Relations between the two countries. The Czech Republic is an important trading partner of our country, and there is great potential for increased trade between the two countries in the future, and a potential the trade to remain at a solid level.

March 25, 2016