Dear all,

In order for an easier and more effective participation of companies in public procurement through electronic procurement system, the Public Procurement Bureau in cooperation with the Central Registry of RM introduced the service – tender dossier, through which economic operators have the option of electronic purchasing the package of documents – electronic certificates, required for participation in public procurement and without the physical presence of the counters of the Central registry at a reduced price.

The “Tender Dossier” is actually the implementation of a new process of issuing a package of documents – electronic certificates needed to prove the personal, professional and financial capacity of economic operators from participation in public procurement and their easy accessibility, whether it is a procedure which is carried out in electronic or paper form.

This new process would replace the current where economic operators are obliged to provide the necessary documents and to upload a manual system, and also to provide for their renewal every six (6) months in accordance with existing legislation.

By purchasing this package you get all the documents necessary to prove the personal, professional and economic-financial capacity of economic operators provided by the Central Registry of RM, unless the document “Confirmation of paid taxes and other public charges” that is issued by the Public Revenue Office as an institution with which a connection in the future is planned, with which this project would be completely realized.

The “Tender Dossier” aims at increasing efficiency in the preparation and submission of tenders, cutting costs on economic operators, raising the level of legal certainty and facilitating and simplifying the process of participation in public procurement procedures.

May 26, 2016